the 'kids'

tyler: the oldest...he was the husband's before we got married...he's daddy's shadow..also goes by Tyty and Tee Ty (where do we come up with these names?)...his belly swings from side to side when he runs...he gets very upset if he can see the bottom of the food bowl

 charlie: the 'middle child'...stray from our old vet he was born in a barn and his mom left him behind when she moved her babies...hence he has currently he's slowly ripping out all his fur...he also spends the majority of his time under the sofa or our bed...he won't let me touch him...i still love him though...UPDATE 12/2008...apparently charlie is too says he needs to lose five pounds...he no longer fits under the sofa...i must google cat liposuction immediately! UPDATE 6/2011: charlie is still fat...we are in process of legally changing his name to lord tubbington 

sophie: one of the baby girls...she's the 'alpha cat' even though she is the smallest...she's a daddy's girl...also goes by Sophielou or The Lou...her chart at the vet indicates she is a vicious biter - we are so proud!

kady: our other baby girl...adopted the same day as sophie...they are both ten years old...she was hand raised by vet techs at our vet as her mom was not able to take care of the litter...she sleeps snuggled up against me every nite...also goes by Kadybelle...she talks to us all the time and i'm trying to get her to say 'mama'...she's my baby!


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