Friday, March 8, 2013

what i did on my one year blog break, part 2: a very special episode of hoarders

sometimes i watch hoarders to feel better about myself...{note: i watch hoarders, not hoarding: buried alive...i don't like that show at all} 

when i watch hoarders it amazes me that people can accumulate that much stuff, can let their lives get that out of control...and i would look at my house and my stuff and think i'm a long way from them...

but then i somehow stumbled upon blogs that were all about decluttering and minimalism...and i looked around and thought: wow, i really could stand to declutter...we have so much stuff...a byproduct of the consumption driven country in which we live.

some take decluttering and minimalism to the extreme: culling their wardrobe down to 33 items!   only owning 100 things!   i have no desire to be like that...

but i did realize we had WAY too much stuff and it was starting to own me...moving stuff from here to there in order to clean the house, stuff, stuff, stuff...too much stuff!

so all of last year i went thru stuff...and got rid of stuff...LOTS of stuff...trips to donate monthly (sometimes more than once a month): books, clothes, craft supplies (oh the craft supplies!), kitchen stuff (how many wine glasses do 2 people need!), doodads...

after a year i can tell a difference, but this is a marathon not a sprint and there are still miles to go...all this stuff didn't make it's way into the house in one year so it's not likely to leave in a timely fashion...sometimes i get tired and just quit for awhile...then the stuff creeps back in and a voice goes off that says "must.get.rid.of.all.the.stuff"

so i spent last year getting rid of stuff {perhaps you were the recipient of a box of stuff from me?  if so i'm sorry  you're welcome}...and this year i will continue to get rid of more stuff...

2 things stand out from my year of decluttering:

1. our tax refund? got a big increase due to all of our donations {get a receipt of you donate!}
2. i donated all of the baby yarn and unfinished baby blankets in my craft stash to project linus...last month i found out my co worker's wife is expecting...triplets...haha...should have kept and finished those baby blankets!

have a great weekend and i encourage you to get rid of 5 things you no longer need this weekend...i promise it will make you feel amazing!

when was the last time you did a major declutter?
do you feel like you have too much stuff?



Swampgirl said...

I struggle with this every day! I must say having the booth at Angels both helps and hurts! I have a place to send clutter and get $$ for it - which helps. But, I feel entitled to buy more that I plan on putting out there -which hurts if I let it sit around a while before it gets out to the booth. So I will take your 5 item challenge and let you know about it Monday. That will make me accountable!

Sandy said...

I've got a lot of things that need to go. I have one drawer that I go through every year and I can't seem to let thing in it go...but I hardly ever need anything that's in there. Don't know why it has to be so hard.