Wednesday, March 6, 2013

what i did during my year long blog break: part 1, that's so very pinteresting!

so i didn't blog for a little over a year...nothing earth shattering happened, i just went thru a different season in life and blogging wasn't a priority for me.

one big time suck away from blogging was/is pinterest...don't get me wrong, i love pinterest & find it very useful...i mainly use it for organizing recipes and it's really nice not to have printed out recipes cluttering up the kitchen...i just put my little laptop on the counter and cook/bake away...i really think we've eaten healthier since i joined pinterest and for sure we eat a lot less processed foods...

if you aren't on pinterest, i encourage you to give it a try!

here are some of my pinterest highlights:
hands down the most useful thing i've ever pinned

repinned over 1600 times {and i have no idea's just red pants, people}

homemade sloppy joes via pioneer woman...we practically licked the pan

are you on pinterest?
what's the best thing you've pinned?

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Emily said...

I'll have to try those sloppy joes with the spices.. I fix mine the same way minus the butter for browning the ground beef and I don't use any of the spices. Oh, and I don't add green peppers, because Lincoln eats these and he wouldn't with peppers. ha!

Glad to see you back to I can stalk you even more. :)

Shannon Hillinger said...

I love that sloppy joe recipe. I don't think I have anything pinned that is that popular, but I'm too lazy to look.

calicodaisy said...

Hello again. I'm glad you are back, but we were kind of staying in touch through pinterest! I've got you on my google reader, and I did see your initial post yesterday, the other day ... So nicely busy here in the studio that my blogging is down to about once every six weeks now, but I still read all the faves.