Tuesday, March 5, 2013

votes needed: painting canvases!

 {since i do not like posts w/o pics, here are some of our 'pets' at the mountains}

hello blogland! long time no see...i vowed to myself to start blogging again this year because i was really starting to miss it.

anyhoo:  i'm in the process of redecorating a room at our family mountain house that i was originally assigned to decorate and i just only sort of threw stuff together.  it's called 'the cave' because it has no windows and has 2 twin beds, a nightstand and a dresser.

until we make it back up there i'm working on some cheap artwork that is more 'mountainy'.  i'm working on some handpainted rustic wood signs and am also going to paint 3 canvases with silhouettes of woodland animals (to be determined)...up for debate is how i should paint the background of these canvases...

1) solid background with animal silhouette
2) chevron background with animal silhouette such as this
3) striped background with animal silhouette such as this

i am fearful that chevron will 'go out of style' soon...maybe it already has?


thanks and i'm glad to be back...hope someone is still out there reading



Punchbugpug said...

I like the solid background idea!

pam said...

I like the solid background as well.

Emily said...

The solid is very bold and it stands out best, but you know my vote will go to the chevron first! I LOVE IT! It's never going out of style.... if I have anything to say about it! HA!

Swampgirl said...

I think that the chevrons will be over by next year. They remind me of a blouse I had in the 70's which was not my best fashion decade! I vote solid. And I'm glad you are back!!

Sandy said...

I'm voting for the solid. I like the chevron look but not with something on top of it.