Thursday, March 21, 2013

pinterest inspired art projects

in addition to the $10 green mirror, part of my redecorating plan for a bedroom in the mountains includes all new artwork on the walls.  my budget is $0 so i consulted my pinterest boards and visited the husband's scrap wood pile to come up with a few items:

i mixed up some red chalk paint and used it to distress a scrap piece of wood and added this funny phrase {no, we've never seen a bear}:

in case people forget where they are, a distressed scrap of wood {that i had painted turquoise and then abandoned} got a coat of black paint and hand painted lettering:

a few years ago i found this needlepoint of the usa at my granny's house {i have no idea if she did this herself or picked it up at a yardsale}...the colors are perfect for the design i have in mind for the room so i popped it in a black frame i already had:

and the last project so far, i printed this {bonus points if you can name the movie it's from} because it has the 'camp' look i'm going for...again, i put it in a frame i already had:

total spent for these 3 pieces of 'art'  $0!

i have now started the 3 canvases...
soon you will find out what won out: solid, stripe or chevron...stay tuned



Sandy said...

Looks good...that room is going to be so cute.

Anonymous said...

I love those first two signs you made!