Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the 'i'm not decorating for easter' easter decorations:

christmas decorating wiped me out this past season and i've not flung myself into decorating for any holiday since {and i've got lots of valentine and easter decorations...lots}...but one little area of my den i have consistently seasonally decorated since early fall:

i started with this pewter tray back in august & added the aspen tree votive holder (gifted from leah) and the scrabble tile tray...all of the other things vary with the season or holiday...yesterday i switched out to my version of spring and added in a couple of nests and birds and a little handpainted sign

the best word i could come up with {score: 12 points}

this little faux mercury glass bird was actually a christmas decoration from target a couple of years ago...i bought 2 silver and 1 red and use them all the time

i'm ready for the plants and flowers outside to start blooming! 

welcome, spring!


chalica said...

beautiful! I love the idea of a little spring tray of goodness!

Emily said...

The tray turned out great!

You de-cluttered! YAY! Bet you feel good.