Monday, March 11, 2013


as promised friday, i spent the weekend looking for at least five things to get rid of...

 a large box of stuff going to swampgirl!
{and i'm only counting it as one item}
 window valence from extra bathroom. curtains = dust catchers and this was the only one in our it belongs to a nice lady who answered my free item listing on craigslist {my preferred method for getting rid of things that cannot be donated...most places will not accept curtains...i have no idea why}

 i don't normally 'count' pure trash or recyclables...but this is an example of something i didn't need being in my house...a sheet with recipes for some grits that the husband brought back from charleston, sc...said grits have been eaten...thus no longer needed this piece of paper in my recipes

 2 metal christmas trays...don't need them

 window box form that we had on our garden always made a's gone to another nice lady on craigslist

 she also took this rusted metal bee outdoor votive holder

 these shoes aren't my style anymore {toes too pointy = ouch}

 i've got too much outdoor stuff {our yard is starting to look like sanford&son} so these lions got the oust

the gazing ball for this stand got broken and i spent all of last year looking for a new one...i'm done looking so 'vicki' came and picked it up after i listed it on craigslist

so that's eleven items gone from our house this weekend!

did anyone else do any 'spring cleaning'?



Sandy said...

good job! Your Sanford and Son reference made me laugh. Our back yard is so pitiful...every time my daddy comes over, he goes out there and looks and I imagine what he must be thinking! One of these days it's going to look fab!

Swampgirl said...

I did pack up all kinds of stuff and took it to Angel's. Then I finished 4 projects! Today I blogged about it, pushed publish and heard the Hubby call out "You just got a box in the mail!" Goodness what treasure! I guess if you call it one item so can I....but it is more like 100! I love every single thing!!!