Tuesday, March 19, 2013

$10 mirror makeover

if i could have any job in the world it would be to find junky furniture and what not and fix it up...i've not refinished any furniture in awhile cause sooner or later a house gets full, right?  and me, i have a hard time refinishing a piece and then parting with it...but when i decided to spruce up a dark, tiny windowless bedroom in the mountains i grabbed to opportunity to go junkin'
a trip to the local habitat reuse store scored a sweet albeit beat up $10 wood mirror:

{clue, there is 'foreshadowing' in the picture of what was to come...}

i think someone tried to carve their name in the top?

and the edges were pretty worn...but this was a SOLID piece...i could barely carry it to the cash register to pay for it

step 1: remove the mirror

{lazy} step 2: sand mirror with random orbital sander
{non lazy step 2 would have been to strip it}

step 3: go back and re stain if you reached bare wood {integral step to the look i was hoping to achieve}

step 4: paint color of your choice
{i used homemade chalk paint in fern green...see, i told you there was foreshadowing in the first picture!}

step 5: use sandpaper to scuff up/distress

step 6: seal with wax {i used minwax paste finishing wax}

pop the mirror back in and you are done!

tyler thinks it looks great...and i love it so much that i might just keep it at home ;-)

i've got lots more projects in the works...too many projects, too little time


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Swampgirl said...

I love the green. We have been doing more projects in colors for the booth. How does your homemade paint hold up? I have been afraid to try it. Love Annie Sloan so much but it is pricey!