Friday, December 16, 2011

elfin shoes*

it should come as NO surprise to anyone who has been a long time reader of this blog that whilst cleaning out the craft room last weekend i unearthed numerous unfinished projects...i have placed them all in one central location and am going to diligently finish them one by one (chuckle)

here's the first one:
a couple years ago i found a cute pattern for little elf shoes on a blog (i've long since forgotten which blog...the point being: i didn't invent these) seems that i completed one shoe save for sewing on a little pom pom on the tip (i have completion issues)

the other shoe was all cut out, but that's where i stopped...this week, i've started sewing it up!

i think the pair will be a cute holiday decoration and i VOW to have them finished before christmas!

*on a related note, i ordered myself some shoes today that i've been salivating over for a couple months will have them at my doorstep on monday, just in time for christmas, yippee!

have a great weekend and i hope you finish all you start

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Pam said...

I'm planning the clean out my craft stuff next week when I'm on vacation. There is no telling what I may find in there lurking. I'm afraid.