Thursday, October 20, 2011

ready for the rain

ever since i first watched an episode of 'the fabulous beekman boys'  i've wanted a pair of wellies
cause really, how fabulous does josh look?

i always see people in town wearing them when we are up at the mountain house...

these are what i really, really want:
but they are rather pricey
however, i'm sure they are totally worth it and would last forever

so today we were at target and i found these:
and while they aren't hunter rain boots, they are rather fabulous
plus they cost 1/4 the price of the hunters

and now i can put the $$$ i saved towards one of these babies:

look for me stomping in mud puddles!



Sandy said...

I like the look of the traction on those soles. You'll need it getting up that drive way at the mountain house. The barn jacket looks nice!

Magnolia Sun said...

I think the boots are so you, very cute.

chalica said...

Another friend of mine has those same boots! Love that they go with so many things! I have brown and pink polka dot rain boot and I love them but they dont go with much.

pam said...

I'm actually digging the Target ones better than the solid black ones. I really like the herringbone pattern on those. Very cute!