Monday, October 31, 2011

hApPy hAlLoWeEn ~ a spooky spotlight on pugpossed etsy shop by sophie

last week or so my mama saw that punchy, proprietress of the pugpossed etsy shop had tutus on sale...imagine my horror when she ordered one for me...
see? i'm horrified!

don't look at me!

i'm practicing waiting at the door for the trick-or-treaters

mama thinks i'm going to help her hand out candy...

yeah, right! like i want to be seen in this getup!

in addition to making tutus for cats and dogs, i've seen my dog uncle wearing a shirt (!) and tie that punchy made...i have to admit, he looks pretty dapper in it...

click here to see lots of dogs wearing punchy's tutus (i will die of embarrasment if my picture shows up on that page...clearly that's why i wouldn't pose like my mama wanted me to is smart)

hey, this looks just like my dog uncle's shirt and tie!
 {but this looks nothing like my dog uncle}

punchy's workmanship is really good (my brother tyler has been trying to eat my tutu, but has not yet been successful in ripping out her sewing)...
pugpossed is offering a special free shipping offer for readers of this blog!!! now all cats and dogs can have tutus! if you want to torture spoil your fur baby, contact punchy and use this code:


hApPY hAlLoWeEn

~sophie lou
princess kitty, queen bee, spoiled rotten


Sandy said...

Sophie looks so festive. Punchy's items are the best! Happy Halloween!

Pam said...

hilarious! I know Sophie doesn't think so though.

Punchbugpug said...

Sophie dah-ling you look delightful despite your present attitude towards tutus! Yes, look for you picture on the tutu page!

Leah said...

Sophie looks adorable in her tutu!