Thursday, September 22, 2011

continuing with the den makeover aka: why there was no apron post on friday

there was no apron friday post cause all the rest of my aprons are in the third drawer in the bureau in the dining room:

{and the dining room still looked like this on thursday and friday}

meanwhile the den looked like:

but on saturday the husband started painting!
{who can spot his assistant?}

'putting it all back together' starts tomorrow!
{cause i still cannot get to that third drawer}



Punchbugpug said...

Is that Sophie or Charlie? I'm sure you'll be VERY happy to put everything back together! Is the paint color yellow? Can you send your helper up here? We have painting to do too!

kristie said...

that's sophie! she's her daddy's shadow, lol. the walls are called 'barley' and it's a pale yellow (not like the bedroom upstairs that's bright yellow). i'll ask her if she wants to go help you paint too!