Monday, August 1, 2011

sophie lou mountain kitty

"how i ride in the car"...a photo essay

 lather, rinse, repeat for two hours

please note, she is not in her really nice, super safe car seat...oh no...she hates it when it's in the car but will sit in it in the house for no reason at all...i make her ride in it the first hour as it's the busiest, most dangerous part of the drive (I-40/85)...after incessant crying, mewling, howling, everyone is happy when she is set free.



Sandy said...

I bet you are kind of glad that all of them are not riding in the car together. She's just a little bitty kitty.

pam said...

really cool car seat!I have a carrier that's similar but it's not as tall or meshed on the side.
Jerry and Benji hate the car but Jazzy rides pretty well.

Lilly cat said...

Love the car seat and the kitty.
Will look for one like that. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS .

Swampgirl;s mom