Monday, July 11, 2011

child's craft apron

a couple weeks ago my MIL brought over a thin plastic child's craft apron that she had...emphasis on thin...i'm pretty sure it came free in an art kit or fell apart after one my task was to make a new, improved one!

since she wanted it for the kids to paint in i thought pulling fabric out of my extensive stash would defeat the purpose as wet, messy, paint crafts might soak thru...instantly i thought of using an outdoor vinyl tablecloth...brillant!

i went to homegoods and found one for about 6 dollars in a print that could be for boys or girls and set out to make some new craft aprons...

i made a pattern using the original thin, flimsy, apron and traced it onto the vinyl tablecloth:
tracing pattern (i cut it on the fold)

pattern traced out

apron cut 

for the trim and ties i used one package of double fold bias tape...for the neck strap i cut a rectangle from the can use all sorts of colors for the bias tape...since these were for boys, i used navy blue for one and lime green for the other:

apron 1

side view of waist ties

apron 2

apron 2 side view of waist ties

these took maybe 20 - 30 minutes to make...and i have tons of tablecloth leftover...i think these would be cute for a kid's birthday party if you were doing painting and they could double as the party favor...appliqueing each child's first initial on the front would be really neat too...there are lots of options with these craft aprons.



Sandy said...

That is really cute, and a great idea. I really like your banner at the top of the page.

pam said...

very very cute!!