Thursday, June 23, 2011

"it's my birthday" giveaway extravaganza ~ day three TIMES UP!

my new favorite drink for summer:
iced coffee!
i purchased an extra large french press and got a bag of starbux coffee from the grocery...steep 1/4 cup coarsely ground beans per 1 cup cold water in fridge overnite {this press holds almost 6 cups of water} down in the morning and that's it!  perfectly smooth, not bitter or watered down iced coffee

i like to add a splash of half and half and sometimes a healthy pour of simple syrup if i have it on hand (i make my own)

this is SUPER cheap and tastes as good as starbux iced coffee, in my opinion...the carafe of coffee lasts me about 3 days (drinking a tall glass per day)...also, notice what i found when i read the coffee bag:
um, yeah...i'll be taking that to the store for a free coffee!

for today's giveaway i'm offering up a $10 gift card to starbux 
so you can go buy your own iced coffee {if you are feeling lazy}, 
or a french press or some beans {if you are feeling like trying this yourself}
  AND a reuseable fabric coffee sleeve in case you prefer hot coffee

{i made this the other nite in about 5 minutes...these would make super cute teacher gifts}
 {and they are way cuter than the paper ones in the store!}

how to win?
just leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite drink for summer?

one entry per person, please
contest open to anyone anywhere
winner announced monday, june 27th at 9pm



Punchbugpug said...

Why my favorite drink for Summer? Coffee! :)

Emily said...

I LOVE that!!! You are to stinkin' creative for your own good. please please please please pick me to win.. lol!

My favorite drink has become Coffee. My favorite coffee drink is my own homemade version of Starbucks White Choc. Mocha.

I have been buying the Choc Almond milk, white choc chip morsels. I warm over medium heat about 2/3 cup milk with about 4 to 6 tbs choc chips and then pour into my mug and pour my black coffee over top. DELICIOUS!!!!!

AM said...

I am actually on a coffee hiatus. I am going without caffeine for 7 days to see if it makes a difference in my attitude.

Oh, but I am totally still entering because I love their blueberry scones and other NON-caffeinated drinks!

"M" said...

Oh I want to win this one! Fav drink would be a Frap...anytime! :-)

Anash said...

my favorite is plain iced coffee with cream and sugar!! im a simple gal, what can i say! Thanks for this splendid giveaway
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

Stefanie said...

I drink coffee every day at work. Now that it's hot out, I'm lovin' some iced coffee!

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

My favourite summer drink is iced coffee!! It really hasn't gotten quite hot enough yet here to enjoy it daily, but I am looking forward to it. I am going to try to find a french press like yours - I LOVE it!!
It's your bday today - Happy Birthday!!

*kate said...

Aside from coffee, my favorite summer drink is Black Tea with Lemonade ... MMMMMM. So tasty!

I have never gotten into iced coffee. I really, really prefer it hot.