Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"it's my birthday" giveaway extravaganza ~ day one

woohoo, it's my birthday month, my birthday week, my birthday giveaway extravaganza!

{i decided to start the giveaways today, june 21 so they would end on my actual birthday, june 27}

happy summer solstice!

at some point growing up i deduced that exactly one week after my birthday it was july 4th...we always always spent july 4th at the beach or at the lake...so i equated my birthday with the kickoff to the vacation/summer holiday season (and really, shouldn't your birthday be a holiday anyways?)...

therefore, the first giveaway is a july fourth bunting:

not just for july fourth, you could hang this up for any summer party, memorial day, july fourth, bbq, etc...i think i'll string them all over the backyard for my birthday!

how to win?

just leave a comment!  if you are so inclined, tell me what means 'its' offically summer' to you...

contest open to:  united states residents only, one comment per person, winner drawn thursday nite at pm so i can get this to you in the mail asap and you will have it for all of your july fourth festivities

another giveaway tomorrow!



*kate said...

Even though it's the summer solstice, summer has not officially started in MN. It is still chilly ... highs above the 70s have been pretty rare.

Summer to me means being so hot and sweaty that all you want to do is go to the beach and eat ice cream.

I think, possibly, I'm living in the wrong place!

Sandy said...

It's hard for me to describe "summer" here. I think the real middle/end of summer is just HOT. I think summer was fun when i was a kid...but now it's too hot to enjoy much of anything outdoors during the day like I did back when I was a kid. I do enjoy seeing the tourists around here having a good time at the beach and seeing the out-of-state license plates on the road.

Stefanie said...

It's summer to me once it gets super hot and humid outside! Happy Birthday Week!!

AM said...

Hmm. I think Summer begins when the neighborhood pools get swarmed!