Friday, June 24, 2011

"it's my birthday" giveaway extravaganza ~ day four TIME'S UP!

so, it was asked why i chose the nook color over say a kindle or other e-reader...i really put a lot of thought into which (if any) e-reader to took weeks of is a bullet list of why i ultimately chose the nook color (in order of importance):

  1. nook (any nook) is compatible with the system that my library uses to loan out ebooks. the system is called epub and most libraries utilize is NOT compatible with this...since my no. 1 goal is to check out the majority of books i read from the library this was probably the number one factor in choosing a nook. {however, after i purchased the nook, news broke that at some point in time kindle is going to be compatible with epub...i have no idea if/when that will happen}.
  2. so now that i was going to get a nook, there were several nooks to choose from...i picked the nook color because i knew that there was an update rolling out in early june that would allow you to download apps...and i wanted me some angry birds, lol.
  3. features that i love about my nookcolor:  apps (including getting my email on my nook, games, etc), nook has a feature where you can 'loan' books to friends {so far i have no nook friends...does anyone want to be my friend??}, color (hence it's called nook color) makes reading magazines realistic, AND if you are so inclined and nerdy enough you can hack your nookcolor using an sd card (there is a slot for one on the nook color only) and pretty much upgrade it to a full android tablet (i have not attempted this...cause i am not nerdy enough).
  4. every friday barnesandnoble offers a FREE nookbook! 
verdict:  i was very skeptical about reading a book on an e-reader..but i can honestly say that i love it!  it is so nice to be able to take several books with you anywhere you go (it fits in my purse) and have multiple choices to read at your fingertips as well as (with the nook color) wifi access to the internet, apps, etc. in one handy dandy little item.

however, i still sometimes will buy a when my favorite author comes to town for a book reading of her latest...and since the husband said i could not offer up a nook for a giveaway, i picked up a signed copy for one lucky reader:

how to win?
just leave a comment telling me what book you are most looking forward to reading this summer!

one entry per person, please
contest open to anyone anywhere
winner announced monday, june 27th at 9pm



Sandy said...

Don't put me in this drawing since you already were so sweet to get me a copy. Just wanted to say I am reading the book right now and it's so good! Glad to hear you like the Nook. It's nice to hear when people didn't think they wanted an ebook and ended up loving it! I have to put on readers to read a book now, but not when I use my Kindle. That's another plus of having an e-book reader.

pam said...

I'm getting ready for vacay in a week and already putting together my reading list. I'm enjoying reading on my Nook and Kindle apps as well. I like being able to just swipe the screen and it turns the page. But, like you, I still get hard copies sometimes.
I just read "Room" by Emma Donoghue. WOW! Couldn't put it down and read in 24 hours. I didn't think I'd like it but, I just had to see what would happen. I have "10th Anniversary" by James Patterson ready to go to the lake with me. His are always fast reads and I've gotten addicted to the Murder Club series.

Carla said...

I know this is not really brain enriching but I'm looking forward to readying the Harry Potter series. I'm a kid at heart and love all that fantasy/wizard stuff.

"M" said...

I just finished "Summer Rental" yesterday and it was really good! Fun to meet Mary Kay again :-)

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Just yesterday I was trying to decide which e-reader to get (if I can REALLY make up my mind about whether I want to get one...) so this is helpful! I think my options in Canada are different, but Nook does seem to be the popular one if you want to borrow library e-books. Thanksfor posting this!
Also, your backyard looks beautiful!

AM said...

Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I loooooove her books! And thanks for the ereader review! I think I am not ready for one yet.

Stefanie said...

I've got "Something Borrowed" and "The Fixer Upper" waiting for me to read. I have a feeling they'll be great pool reading!

*kate said...

I have so many books I am looking forward to reading this summer. One that I've heard nothing but good things about is Room, by Emma Donoghue.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!