Wednesday, May 25, 2011

jaime dress by jennifer paganelli


so, the dress i made to wear to my cousin's graduation last sunday was a sis boom pattern by jennifer paganelli...
here's the finished product!

my overall opinion of the pattern:  it's fairly easy for an advanced beginner sewer...there are very few pattern pieces...the instructions are clear and easy to understand...the only 'tough' part is the zipper (more on that later)

before i started the dress i read lots of reviews and the concensus was to make the dress one size larger than you think you should...i measured for a medium according to the pattern so i went ahead and cut out the entire bodice and waist band in a medium...the skirt i cut in a small... the result: 

this bodice is fully lined plus i serged the seams so there was no going back...clearly too big is better than too small {at least i could eat a lot of cake!} 

i used a plethora of safety pins and cinched the waist in a whole bunch

and then i put a big hot pink flower over the safety pins!

{which was the plan all along..}

i changed the pattern and decided to fully line the skirt with the same cotton muslin as the bodice so i wouldn't have to wear a slip...cause i hate a slip...and cause one time oprah said we didn't have to wear slips

don't ask me how i did this...cause i have no took some patience and a glass of wine

also the pattern called for the dress to have a regular sewn hem but i wanted a more polished finish so i used hem tape and spent 1.5 hours hand hemming it...and then i had another glass of wine and fell to my knees cause i was so happy to be finished with this dress 4 whole days before i had to wear it

if i ever make this dress again {in addition to making it in a size small} i'll add the fabulous waist detail all the way around...several people have explained how to do this on blogs...i'll be stalking the and figuring out the details...this is the zipper...i accidentally bought an invisible zipper...the pattern calls for a regular is for sure a miracle this zipper is in this dress...i searched and found several tutorials online but they all said something i just took a deep breath and did what i felt was best and made the most sense...i have NO idea how i did this...really, no idea...i would imagine that a regular zipper is easier to install, BUT i think i like the look of an invisible zipper...

here are me and the husband at the prom
i matched my shoes, purse and big flower to his bow tie

the accessories:
flower from rosyposypins
{she was so wonderful to work with and this pin is gorgeous}

i ordered the shoes from
{free shipping and free returns}

and i rocked my 80's preppy purse from back in the day
{raise your hand if you had one of these purses}

this was the first time i've ever sewn an adult piece of clothing other than pajama pants...i had a lot of fun and am excited to sew more things for next attempt is going to be this:



Emily said...

You rocked that dress! I love how you used the pink accessories..makes everything POP!

Southern Gal said...

That dress is amazing. And my mama always tells me, "Don't point out the mistakes and they'll never know." That wouldn't make for a fun post though, would it? I've yet to sew a single item for myself. I'm scared of adult clothing especially for me. I may just have to snag one of those patterns and give it a try. You've inspired me.

Southern Gal said...

Clarification - I sew handbags and camera straps, etc, for myself. Just no clothing.

Jingle said...

That is SO CUTE!!!

Sandy said...

That dress is so pretty. I love the colors and pattern and the style. You must be the perfect size for the pattern since you didn't need to go bigger. You look great in it, too.

Pam said...

Your dress turned out great and you look very pretty in it. Nice pattern. Too bad there were some fitting difficulties.

Swampgirl said...

I have been behind in my blog reading! The dress is precious! I hate the fitting part! It could be because I keep changing sizes...I have just come across some 60's patterns that I may try making. In the 60's I would have been a size 14!!!!! So how did I become a size 2 now??

kristie said...

yeah, what's up with sizing? when cleaning out my closet i found the dress i wore to my high school graduation (a million years ago)(don't ask why i still have it cause i don't know). it was a size 6 and is about 1" from zipping. BUT the skirt i wore to work today that was about to fall off is a size 0. makes no sense.

*kate said...

I have a moderately complicated skirt I've been wanting to sew for myself and I keep putting it off because I think it's going to be difficult.

But you just opened my eyes ... I NEED TO DRINK WINE WHILE I'M MAKING IT!

(lovely dress, by the way)

Sarah said...

I love love love it!! You are so talented.

Jennifer said...

so sorry I didn't come last year but this is so stunning on you and I felt compelled to tell you soo..Thanks for the great review would you mind if we used excerpts on our website.

kristie said...

jennifer, what is the website?