Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cluck, cluck, oink

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this past saturday was the annual downtown chicken coop tour here in town...we try to go every year...just search 'chicken tour' for pictures of past years cause i'm too lazy to put in links right now...

the first coop we visited had been on the tour a couple of years ago but this year they had a new addition:
this is reginald...he is a teacup pot belly pig...and i want him {or one of his kind}

he was probably the cutest thing i've ever seen...ever...

things we learned about reginald:  he is six months old, he will only get to be maybe 40 pounds, he sleeps in the bed with his human brother, he likes to be rubbed on his belly, he eats anything, he uses a litter box, he can push open the screen door and let himself out of the house but cannot let himself back in, he gets baths, he pretty much just rocks!

here he is with one of his chicken siblings
{please note that this picture is the sole proof that we were actually on a chicken coop tour}

after reginald, everything else was a let down 
{just kidding...these chicken people have great gardens}

 pencil holly in a blue pot = genius! i am so going to copy this

 i want a fountain...this one is exceptionally nice

rusty garden art is the best! love the hostas too

this potting bench was a great idea...

there was a trellis behind the potting bench with tools on it

 ROCKS!  i've been adding lots of them in our yard

 more rocks...it was a river of rocks

hydrangeas are in full bloom around here

 this particular yard had at least 3 fish ponds!
 i wonder where they got all this statuary
i need more statuary

a nice st. francis...i want one 



Emily said...

Looks very lovely there! Reginald is adorable.. but could not imagine sleeping in bed with him.. ha!!!

calicodaisy said...

Hey! Love your blog banner! It's fun to make my own now that I've figured out a few things thanks to picnik. -- michele