Friday, April 29, 2011


when the alarm went off this morning i flicked on the tv just in time to see kate walk down the aisle...

by the time we left for work the new duke and duchess of cambridge had already been whisked inside buckingham palace...

i watched the final half hour of pageantry sitting at my desk eating my own 'royal wedding breakfast'

2 bite blueberry scones & cupcake from wholefoods with fresh fruit

the scones were delish!

my thoughts on the event:
  • her dress was FABulous! i hope brides to be take heed and stop wearing bare-all dresses and cover up a bit
  • her sister is a knockout
  • the abbey was beautiful and i like that they brought in trees
  • over all the wedding was MUCH more understated than charles and di...and that's not a bad thing...
  • the little boys in the choir sang like angels
  • the queen looked like a stick of butter
  • i was truly fearful that charles was gonna dangle that little bridesmaid over the railing a la MJ & blanket 
  • it makes me feel ancient that i can remember watching his parents wedding, the day his mom came home from hospital with him and now seeing william get married!
  • even though i swore i'd never ever fly across the pond again, i now have a major itch to plan a vacay to london...i loved seeing all the places we have been in the city...we've walked from the abbey to the palace right down the mall...and i sort of want to do it again...
did YOU watch?  what did you think...
    cheerio...have a great weekend!


    Punchbugpug said...

    I started watching at 6:45 a.m.!
    - I L-O-V-E-D her dress! Funny I blogged about all those strapless dresses too!
    - sister=georgous
    - P & I discussed those beautiful trees!
    - the choir boys - amazing
    - hee, hee, hadn't thought about the queeen being a stick of butter! I think she likes yellow!
    - I missed most of the balcony part, except the kiss x 2
    - Talk about old....I watched those events also and was already married myself!
    - I am not sure even that beauty could make me board a plane!

    Pam said...

    I was up at 4 am and watched until 8:30 (right after the second kiss and flyover) and then I had to go to my conference meeting. I adore London and I want to go back so badly. In my dreams I would LOVE to live there. It feels like home to me for some reason.

    I thought it was fantastic.

    Emily said...

    I have many of the same thoughts as you! I loved Kate's dress. BEAUTIFUL! She is just lovely, would love to look like her... and her sister is gorgeous as well. Are they twins?