Monday, March 28, 2011

what's going on*

self portrait?

  • last week it was sunny and 80, this week it's in the forties with spitting rain, sleet, snow, no like!
  • i made the monumental decision to NOT decorate for easter...i just don't have it in me
  • i haven't crafted in forever...i just don't have it in me
  • i watched 3 movies over the weekend...2 in one afternoon...
  • a new wholefoods opened near our house on march 16th...i've been three times like!
  • kady's new nickname is 'hot pocket'...she MUST be touching you (read: pressing her entire body against you) when she is sitting near you...and her fat little self radiates lots of heat...
  • sophie is getting ready to travel with us to the mountains...she got a carseat and everything...we are currently practicing sitting in it...
  • tyler went to the vet on saturday...he's been on heart meds for 6 months now and needed to be assessed...they took his blood putting a teeny tiny cuff on his tail...we treated him to chickfila afterwards because he was a good boy
  • charlie continues to rip his fur out and follow tyler around...they are bff's...
  • i need to clean my house
  • as in REALLY clean and declutter...but i'm not sure i have it in me
  • i'm contemplating getting an e-reader of some sort...but i really like touching not sure an e-reader would be my thing
  • my current tv shows are ruby and the fabulous beekman boys...other than that i've been reading a lot...or just loafing around
  • we took 3 teen-age girls to the mountains for spring break...and survived
  • the whole japan thing makes me sad
  • there - i've emptied my brain...

*name that tune


Punchbugpug said...

ewww, that slug picture nearly made be know I REALLY don't like slugs..

Did you take a photo of that little tiny blood pressure cuff????

Please take photos of Miss Sophie on her travels! Did you say she now wears a harness? Are dresses in her future?

I am NOT decorating for Easter either. NOT.

Don't beat yourself up...I don't have lot in me either!

Stefanie said...

It's definitely that time of year where it's tough to have it 'in me' to get things done, especially when it's freezing (and snowing!) outside. Hope April brings better weather and more energy!

Magnolia Sun said...

I can't believe y'all have snow, hate to tell you but it's been in the low 80's around here. You should get a Kindle, I love love love mine. You will get over the touching book thing. The Kindle is great for outside too. I'm really not a salelady for them!

AM said...

that's a crazy slug. Crazyness. But a harness on him and walk him around the yard!

We've got to shake you up a bit. You're in a funk. what can we do? We must think of something. I am SOO saddened that YOU are not decorating for Easter. You're my holiday decorating icon. I look up to you.

Swampgirl said...

I decorated just a little in the hall and parlor for Easter. Too much construction and dust in my house!! We may go to Kernersville for Easter weekend. I agree about the feel of books but...Tommy uses the Kindle app on his ipad and I read a book on it ...sold me! I can make the font BIG-like I can read without glasses!!