Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wednesday, march 30, 2011 ~ 1:39pm

  • listening to pandora (classical symphonic station)...specifically gerswhin's rhapsody in blue
  • reading the school of essential ingredients
  • drinking a glass of water
  • contemplating making a cup of coffee
  • wondering when it will stop raining
  • laughing about this
  • wanting to go home
what are you doing right now?



AM said...

Well, right now it is 8:05pm. I am sitting on the sofa editing photos from yesterday's session. Apparently I am also blog surfing. ;)

Now I am going to eat a chocolate eclaire that Jason brought home.

Ok- he brought home 4 of them. How many do you think will get eaten?

Stefanie said...

I'm reading your blog! And watching a tv show about buying homes, as we're beginning the process. My pup, Rosie, is laying on me (she's super cute).
Hope you're having a good week!