Tuesday, February 8, 2011

valentine tree re-do

really, i cannot believe that i ever thought it looked good at this stage

it's now stunning

long story short:  i snagged this pink tree a couple of weeks after christmas at michaels for $5.99 (i think...down from $39.99...btw, anyone who paid $39.99 for one of these trees is out of their mind) and when i opened up the box a couple of weeks ago to put the tree up i thought it was the most pathetic looking thing i'd ever seen...my kind neighbor brought me a pack red heart ornaments to go on it and i thought it looked pretty good once i'd decorated it...

but then when sandy wanted me to make something for her (and she insisted on paying me for it) i came up with the idea to swap goods...she is so talented with paper goods & glitter & inks...i asked her to make some valentine tags and whatnot to go on the tree...

here's her handiwork:
(click to enlarge)

aren't they amazing?
i especially love the green she used...i would have never thought to use that color

raise your hand if you think she should sell sets of these for each holiday!

thank you, sandy for making my valentine tree beautiful!


Sandy said...

Wow, it really did change the look of the tree. I'm so glad you asked me to do those. It makes me actually do something instead of thinking about it!

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow what a great job and my hand is raised really high! Thanks for the pincushion I can't wait to see it.

Pam said...

great job Sandy!!