Wednesday, February 2, 2011

valentine decor tour!

here's a glimpse at some of our valentine decor:

the glass cloche on the dining room table is filled with paper hearts

i saw this idea on another i took scrapbook paper, cut it into strips, and stapled them into hearts! i want the cloche to be filled to the top so i'm going to add some more paper hearts in the next few days

the hall table (note i'm still using tiny christmas trees)

a jar full of red and pink glittery christmas ornaments looks like valentine's to me!

the powder room got just a touch...a vintage valentine and an ornament made by swampgirl

my new valentine tree...i got it a couple weeks ago on clearance (it was a christmas item) for $ currently has some heart ornaments and a few white ornaments on it...but sandy made me a bunch of new ornaments for it's going to change in the next day or so (i'll do a before and after post)

2 tiny wool felt trees

the red one was inspired by the colors of conversation heart candies...

i <3 my new tree!

the mantle is also decked out for valentines
that bunting sold yesterday on really liked it
the mantle now looks naked

 still stretching the christmas decorations!

 my year round sign...i made it last year for easter/spring...and have found that by simply changing out the ribbons i can use it year round...cause shouldn't every home be a cozy nest?

do you decorate for valentines?



Sandy said...

I love it all! I really really love the little felt trees. They are just so cute.

Pam said...

I love your new valentine's tree!

AM said...

I am always so in awe of your holiday decor. This all looks great. Great deal and idea on the Christmas/VdaY tree. And I like that paper heart idea!

Magnolia Sun said...

I don't decorate but I love looking at yours. I love the paper heart idea.

Leah said...

I so need one of those trees! I have some valentine's ornaments, as well as some st patty's day ornaments, but don't have a tree to put them on!

Stefanie said...

All so cute! I don't decorate for Valentines. I have a heard enough time decorating for the big holidays like Christmas!