Thursday, February 24, 2011

mountain weekend

we went up to the mountain house last weekend (and no, i didn't post like i said i would...cause we were busy with a capital 'b')

things we did:
  • put down a new rug in the dining area (i failed to take a picture)
  • put together a new entertainment center for the living room tv (i failed to take a picture)
  • hung a new light fixture in one of the downstairs bedrooms (nope, no picture)
  • hung lots of pictures (again, no pictures)
  • went shopping in downtown blowing rock (got everything i was looking for!) and ate at the pub
  • continued to 'fix up' our bedroom and bathroom (i did take pictures!)

 here is the husband painting the bathroom ceiling light blue

 last trip we swapped out all of the fixtures for oil rubbed bronze the weird spots below the towel bar are patched places where the original towel bar was located...this trip we added the picture of the bird (by regina lord) and the red thingamajig above it (it was gold, but i spray painted and distressed it to blend with the shower curtain)

 light blue ceiling is complete!

 because we have a pedastal sink and zero storage space, i use this basket for my hairdryer, brush, makeup, etc....but it was so low sitting on the floor...i picked up the antique green stool on saturday at a shop in blowing rock

 i added the cigar box on the shelf this trip

 shower curtain

 i got the deer after christmas and thought it would be cute year round in the mountains...he lives on top of the medicine cabinet with some old pottery...he thinks the blue ceiling is lovely

i spent some time monday morning reading on the deck and soaking in the surroundings...this is one of the views 

 (i did zoom way in for this picture)
people where ice skating down at the ski resort

 {again, i zoomed in for this}
this is the slope closest to's mainly for snowboarders

 at the end of our street (leaving the house) you almost run right into a ski lift!

 coming down the mountain, it's very pastoral

when you get to the highway, the blue ridge parkway is right there!

turn right and you go to blowing rock (aka, good stuff!)
turn left and you go to boone (aka, homeward bound)

tomorrow - more pictures



Pam said...

I just really love the tile on that bathroom floor. The shower curtain is super cute too. Did you make it?

Now, is that Sugar Moutain ski resort near there? I remember many years ago we use to meet a driver for rescue who drove from Boone. I don't think I've ever been to Boone. She worked for App. State.

Sandy said...

I love the little peeks at your mountain house. That scenery is so pretty. I bet in the spring and summer, you can't see through all those trees. I didn't realize you were so close to a ski place.

kristie said...

pam: yes, i made the shower curtain. sugar mtn ski resort is near us (i think there are maybe 5 ski resorts in the vicinity. boone pretty much IS app state and nothing else ;-) it's for sure a college town.

sandy, i hope that in the summer the foliage is very different. we've only been there since fall so it will be interesting to see the changes the different seasons bring. the 'neighborhood' we are in is just above a ski resort, we can see glimpses of the slopes in the winter.