Thursday, February 17, 2011

i'm a slug

  • i've stretched exactly ZERO times this week
  • but i did get a massage last nite...does that count?
  • i've sewn nothing this week
  • as of right now i've finished 2 rows on the stripey afghan since friday
  • i'll wait a minute so you can laugh
  • i'm addicted to craigslist
  • it's like crack
  • not that i know what crack is like
  • it's what i imagine crack would be like...totally addicting
  • i check the antiques category of my local craigslist about once every 15 minutes
  • i'm not making that up
  • i bought 2 things off of craigslist last week
  • they are both going to the mountains
  • i did finish reading a book the other day
  • but i'm too lazy to do a post about it or the other 3 books i've read this year
  • i was home alone for valentines day
  • so i made a grilled cheese sandwich and ate it in bed surrounded by cats while watching 'how i met your mother' and surfing facebook and playing farmville
  • i'm sure you are jealous of how i spent my valentines
  • i fell asleep the next nite watching 'glee'
  • i never fall asleep during 'glee'
  • i tried watching it again last nite...but i fell asleep
  • we are going to the mountains tomorrow after work
  • i've packed not one thing
  • we are going to trader joes after work today
  • to get food for the mountains
  • there's no trader joes in the mountians
  • but there is lots of fresh air and wide open spaces
  • i really need this little vacation
  • stay tuned for posts all weekend from the mountains
  • and a giveaway on monday


Punchbugpug said...

You've had a very interesting week!

What NO Trader Joe's???? We will have to google the closet one! LOL

Don't beat yourself up! Crochet in the car at least 2 rows!

Sandy said...

Well, some weeks can just be like that. I can't wait to hear what's going on in the mountains! Show us pictures of what you're doing up there. I've got major allergy acting up now because of pollen stuff around here.

Page said...

I've definitely had those weeks!! And you should see my house afterwards with three animals and a toddler! ha! I especially am lazy when the hubs is out of town ;) Can't wait to see the cabin!

Magnolia Sun said...

you sound like me only thank goodness I'm not addicted to craigslist - i don't need anything else to be addicted to. the reality shows are enough!