Friday, February 11, 2011

focus friday

 implementing 3 MITs did the trick!  i accomplished all of them and then some!
  • re-decorated tree (MIT)
  • 'made' sophie a kick pig ( next week)
  • sewed down pocket flaps on co-worker's capri pants
  • sewed 4 st. pat's buntings for etsy shop
  • photo shoot for etsy items
  • finished all brooches for exchange and giveaway and shipped (MIT)
  • finished painting a canvas for mountain house and purchased a frame for it (MIT)
  • 95% finished spray painting a light fixture for a room at the mountain house
i also did the stairs 6 times a day at work and had a protein shake for dinner...since they are now habits, i no longer list them...
my 3 MIT's for this week are:
  • stretch for 15 minutes every day
  • finish 2 small sewing projects
  • complete 15 rows minimum on the stripey afghan
 did you mark anything off of your to-do list this week? 

have a great weekend!


    Sandy said...

    You are moving right along on those focus items.
    I've been trying to do some Papertrey Ink anniversary challenges. Only been able to do three so far...but three more than I ever would have done this past week.

    AM said...

    I love hearing about what you are accomplishing every week! Maybe one week I'll set goals too!

    Regina said...

    Your brooches are awesome! They came a few days ago (did I tell you already?) Anyway, I love them and am so thankful that you sent one for me too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!