Friday, February 4, 2011

focus friday ~ implementing MIT's

this week i was 

not a lot got done
unless you count the great sewing machine debacle

  • did the stairs 6(!) times a day during the work week
  • stayed on track with sensible eating
  • made a pillow cover
  • finished 3 of the 9 brooches i'm working on for an exchange be on the lookout for a giveaway on the 21st!  
and, that's IT. i've got nothing else. nada. zip. nothing

i suppose in retrospect i did spend some time just fact i got a facial last nite...and part of my 'focus' is to simply slow down and enjoy life in that respect, i give myself credit for doing absolutely nothing on monday nite and watching a silly movie with the husband wednesday nite and getting that facial last nite...sometimes it's good to just stop the madness!
in that vein, instead of beating myself up and setting unachievable expectations and goals i'm going to concentrate on my 3 MITs (Most Important Things) each week...surely i can get 3 simple things done in a seven day span...

MIT's for week of February 5th
  1. finish and ship the brooches
  2. finish painting, seal and frame a picture i started for our bedroom in the mountain house
  3. redecorate the valentine tree using sandy's creations
have a GREAT, happy, simple, productive, fun-filled weekend!



Pam said...

have a great weekend! I like your three task list. That's definitely doable.

Stefanie said...

Good for you, getting a facial! It's really important, I think, anyway, to take time out for yourself! Keep it up!

Magnolia Sun said...

I agree. I also like doing this, it really does give you a sense of what is really important instead of thinking about a mountain of things that need to be done. Thanks again for motivating and inspiring me.

Good luck on your list.