Wednesday, January 19, 2011

winter tree

yesterday i forgot to show pictures of the 'winter tree' in our kitchen:
it's the same tree i have up during christmas, stripped of it's ornaments and redecorated with only snowmen and snowflakes...

this is the first year i've done this...last year we just left the tree up with only the lights on it...but i started tinkering with the idea of snowmen and snowflakes...i had no idea i would have enough ornaments to fill it up...but thanks to some after christmas shopping and a lot of tiny blue, white, silver and red balls i'd gotten from target early on in the season i was able to pull it off using what i already had!

the bow on top is four bows scrunched together that were on other trees during christmas

the most bang for my buck came from these large styrofoam snowflakes i got at an after christmas sale...there are 3 sizes (i bought a LOT of them) and the most i paid was $3 each for the giant ones (they are maybe 12" tall)...the small ones like the one below were about $1...i sat them all over the place (on top of picture frames, on the mantle, hanging from windows, etc.)...
 ...and these glitter snowflakes from target...i got some last year and this year after christmas...they are actually gift tags sold 4 to a pack for $1 regular after christmas they are usually 50 cents and under....FOR FOUR!  i have a bazillion all over the place...

i am not sure i'll even decorate for valentines this year cause i'm loving the winter


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