Monday, January 31, 2011

focus friday ~ on monday!

i'm a rut...i feel like pigpen from charlie brown, but instead of a cloud of dirt over my head, i've just got a dark cloud over my head...lately, it seems i'm very focused on the negative...

we were supposed to go to the mountain house last thursday for a nice long weekend...but it snowed and iced up there so the trip was cancelled...BOO!...however, i still took thursday and friday off from work and puttered around the house...

some of the 'crafty' things i accomplished:
  • made 3 valentine buntings & listed on etsy
  • finished a wool felt tiny tree (picture tomorrow)
  • put away winter decorations/put up valentine decorations
  • 90% completed five brooches for an exchange i'm participating in
  • finished item to 'swap' with sandy
  • continued to work on ripple stripe afghan
 'other' things i focused on and accomplished:
  • finished out the month averaging 5 trips up/down 4 flights of stairs every day of the work week
  • continued to have protein shakes/smoothies for dinner 4 nights a week and eat sensible homemade (mainly, we rarely eat out) meals the rest of the time
  • going to bed by 10pm
oddly enough since the mountain was supposedly a sheet of ice, this weekend was glorious and beautiful...temps were in the 60s...i was able to throw open the windows and air out the house!  the husband did some yard work!  the refrigerator started leaking! my sewing machine broke! the car battery went dead! one of our glasses came out of the dishwasher with a huge crack in it!

like i said...i have a dark cloud over my head


tomorrow is a new month...i'm ready to turn over a new leaf




    Stefanie said...

    My goal is to just get through this week! Monday wasn't a good start at all. And I'm very ready for February to end. Ready for March, and spring!

    Sandy said...

    I know you're disappointed in not getting to go the mountains...but sounds like you got a lot done. I'm looking forward to seeing your Valentine decorating.

    Magnolia Sun said...

    YOU got me motivated - thanks. I made a "to do list" for the week and I'm determined to get everything done. My main focus this week is to get back to walking in the mornings and I actually went this morning, yucky weather and all.

    Swampgirl said...

    I made "lesson plans" last week. Each day I had 3 sewing goals and I stuck to it! The skirt for the Valentine tree is just a long rectangle with a casing. Ran a ribbon through the casing to gather and tie around the base. Added some pom-poms to the hem and done! Did you notice the Be Mine sign tied to the ribbon?

    Pam said...

    I can't focus on anything these days. Although, I finally found my reading groove again. Thank goodness.
    I need to start making weekly lists again like you are doing. I seem to work better when things are written down. I have all these great dreams of things I'm going to do in my head...they just stay there unfortuantely.

    How funny that the word verification is persist! lol!