Friday, January 21, 2011

focus friday ~ failure?

i feel like i accomplished very little this week and felt 'off kilter/unfocused' the majority of the time...

  • did the stairs SIX*(!) times a day monday - friday at work
  • had a protein shake for dinner mon, tues, thurs...wednesday i totally fell off the wagon...hard...i broke down and had mcdonalds...and it wasn't even good...that'll teach me
  • finished a full apron that had been ordered before christmas...thankfully it wasn't needed until mid january
  • 11 rows on the stripey reality i crocheted 16 rows. on sunday i discovered a major, major mistake that i could not live with and had to rip back 5 rows...this was a huge setback mentally and i really haven't recovered from it day i didn't even touch the afghan at all
  • finished background painting a large canvas for our bedroom at the mountain house...i hope to paint the focal part this weekend
i'm not sure why i was so unfocused...i like to blame it on the afghan debacle...but i'm not sure that's it...i found my mind constantly drifting from what i was doing to something else...and i also physically hopped from one project to another...but i was fully aware the entire time that i was not staying focused.

this week i have to be better...i am wondering if when i find myself wandering, i need to stop and maybe have a 10-15 minutes focus/meditation bring myself back to center....

we'll see!

what did you focus on this week?
is there anything you want to do better next week?
i LOVE reading what you did in the comments every week!


*i did this because i will not be at work 2 days next week so i am trying to make up for it in advance...however, i have found six rounds very doable, so i plan to make that my 'norm' for next month 


Sandy said...

Messing up on the crocheting...I think I'd do that all the time if I crocheted because I might not focus on what I'm doing. Back when I was 19 years old, I worked at a bank that was 12 stories, and I'd go up and down the stairs at lunch for exercise. I was thin back then...

Swampgirl said...

I taught music 2 days this week and went to the dentist....that used up most of my brain cells and energy for the week. I did get a start on some nursery bedding that I must finish next week for a baby who has just had his due date moved up. And 4 out of 15 alterations done. Just was not a productive week for week I hope to finish the crib stuff and most of the alterations!

The Antiques Diva said...

Struggling with focus - fingers crossed this week is better than last!