Friday, January 14, 2011

focus friday + delurk day!

first off, i was over at all up in the koolaid and discovered that it's national delurking day!

you know what that means?  

if you read my blog but don't ever comment, today is the day...leave a comment and no one gets hurt...i promise i won't bite!

now, on to focus friday and what i focused on this week:
  • i did the stairs 5 times a day every day this week again (although we had an 'ice day' tuesday so no work...but, i doubled up the rest of the week and made up for it)
  • i had a protein shake for dinner monday - thursday (last nite was rough...i SO wanted to fall off the wagon and go eat mexican...but i didn't)
  • i started an afghan for myself and worked on it every day since sunday...i'm determined to finish it in a timely manner...not in 4-5 years (like the husband's afghan) but more like 4-5 months

here are some pictures of the afghan i finished up last week for the husband

it's a 'gentle' ripple pattern (i call it that cause the peaks and valleys are rounded, not pointy like a traditional ripple design

i figured  the pattern out myself after seeing several similar blankets on i'm not sure if it's 'right' or not...

the husband chose the yarn himself...warning: this blanket is a cat magnet

after making his, i decided i wanted to make one myself but not in a solid color...i wanted the ripples to stand when i saw that one of the chain craft stores had yarn on sale i headed out sunday morning to stock up....

here are the 12 colors in my project tote
note: sophie likes to kick all the yarn out of the tote and take a nap inside...

 i plugged the 12 colors into a random stripe generator and follow the pattern it spit out
 here's what i've done so far

somehow i ended up making it REALLY wide...but that's just more snuggly goodness, right?  but also means it will have to be REALLY take forever

current feeling about it: i LOVE it!

i need to focus on a few more things this coming week than just this afghan...and i want to start meditating for 15 minutes every any of you do that?

what did you focus on this week?


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Sandy said...

Wow, the afgans are just so pretty. You have such a talent. It makes me wish I could crochet. I'm glad you delurked on my blog years ago! I'm so glad I got to me you and all the other blogger friends that I've met. It's amazing how we can be friends from so far away and to think we might not have ever known each other without the internet.

Tammy said...

Beautiful work!

Pam said...

Love the afghan! You are brave though using all those different colors and having to weave in the ends (*shutter*). I only say that because it's not my favorite thing to do. ;) Beautiful stripes though!!

I've tried meditation each day but then I forget or something gets in the way. The closest I get is the "rest" period during my weekly or sometimes bi-weekly yoga class.

AM said...

Love the rainbow stripes! Happy delurking day!

Magnolia Sun said...

I love the afghans. I really need to read the Friday post on Sunday night so I can get motivated to do something positive for myself!! You are encouraging me though, thanks.

Karen said...

Great job taking the stairs. I love your afghans, especailly the strippy. I started one last year and it is still in progress. Seeing your progress makes me want to get it out and work on it but its way too hot here for that. I am however working on one of my quilt alongs. i am making extra blocks to make it a queen size. There is lots of cutting out to be done.