Wednesday, January 5, 2011

completed* project ~ pincushion

sometime before christmas, sandy asked if i knew where she could get a little pincushion.  i gladly said i'd make one for her!

i happened upon a great tutorial for a 'pretty pincushion' on one of my favorite blogs, creative kismet. regina is a very talented artist and crafter...she also has an etsy shop where she sells prints of her beautiful original paintings (i have purchased several and they are all just lovely!).

last nite i finished my version of the 'pretty pincushion'

the best part? i used scraps from my extensive scrap pile! 

the button is vintage 

as suggested, i used wool felt for the backing

and i reluctantly tried the chain stitch edge...but think for my first time it turned out okay

sandy, i hope you like it! it's in the mail to you already...

*ah, the power of 'focus'


Sandy said...

Oh my's so very cute. I will treasure it forever! I love all the colors and patterns. Thank You!!!

AM said...

Looks fantastic! Make some for your Etsy shop!!!

Stefanie said...

Super cute! Great work.

Magnolia Sun said...

Very cute, I love all the different patterns and colors.

Swampgirl said...

Love it! You have the best fabric scraps!!!

Pam said...

too cute! I need to make some cat themed ones for my rescue group sewer people.

Sarah said...

That is awesome!! You are so creative.

Regina said...

You are soooo sweet. Thank you for your very kind words. I just came over to say hi, didn't expect to see my name. Now, my heart is all a flutter. Thank you!

Your pincushion is BEAUTIFUL. I love all those bright pretty colors.