Friday, December 3, 2010

potpourri friday

wednesday when i got home from work there was a package in the mailbox!
it came all the way from canada

an assortment of goodies from clover, her brother and her mom!
there was a couple of dip mixes (one of which apparently has rattlesnake bits in it, lol), some moose droppings, some maple smoke sea salt, a couple of toys for the cats...

and the most wonderful candy on the planet:
if you've never had this stuff, you don't know what you are missing!
thanks to the sunshine and mud puddles crew!
(the orange cat toy is already m.i.a.)

after opening the package from canada i got busy finishing up my own christmas apron:

nothing like a big bow on your butt!

happy weekend!

we are doing a christmas open house walking tour thingie downtown...what are you doing?



Emily said...

I have not tried that candy before... can you even buy it around here?

Love the apron.. and who doesn't love a bow on the butt. HA!

My word verification this time is "catin"... how appropriate for your blog. ha!

Pam said...

The apron is too cute!!

I've been thinking about making a couple for gits for soem friends that bake. So far, I've just "thought" about it. =P

Great gifts!!

Sandy said...

Love that apron! I just love "holly" things. That maple candy does look so good. I have to work all weekend, so doesn't look like I'll be going out anywhere fun. Trying to stay out of Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

AM said...

I need a christmas apron. Friday night the ladies in my bible study had an Italian Cooking Christmas party at someone's house and I brought my fall apron. Everyone was impressed! :)

Regina said...

I love your christmas apron. Super festive and cute.

Punchbugpug said...

That is an intersting package from Clover and Chewy! LOVE the apron...REALLY love it!