Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 wrap up

2010 best of the best:

1. went to washington, dc!  highlights: seeing the julia child exhibit at the smithsonian, freezing my butt off.

2. went 'no poo' - one of the best decisions i've ever made!   best part of going no poo: i'm not putting chemicals on my scalp. second best part: it's cheap!

3. got my upper braces off/implants put in on lower arch/gum lift!  getting braces off = BEST THING ABOUT 2010!  i truly hated the braces. i would never, ever get them again. never.

4. almost wore out my library card. other than maybe a cookbook or a craft/sewing book, i didn't buy a single book in 2010...i only read what i already had or checked them out from the library for FREE!

5. i sewed. a lot. just click on the label 'sewing'.  there are 22 posts in 2010 tagged 'sewing'...

6. went to chicago with the husband on a business trip...last year we went to los angeles and i loved it, so i was afraid i wouldn't like the windy had big shoes to fill...but in fact, we both loved chicago. save for the horrid winters, i'd move there in a skinny minute!

7. since losing lost (to the worst series ending i've ever seen), i picked up 2 new fav shows: mad men and glee!

8. got a new getaway place!

9. survived the coldest/longest winter ever, which merged into the hottest summer on record, which lasted thru november, which turned into the 4th coldest december ever.  pretty much we are either freezing or sweating to death...there is no in between anymore.

10. BUT, we got a white christmas!!!

looking back, it was a GREAT year!

i doubt i'll make it for the big acorn drop* tonite...HaPpY nEw YeAr, everyone!


*anyone who came to the bloggy meet 2008 in raleigh, do you remember the big acorn?  


Lilly said...

I remember. It was a fun time for all who came. Getting to meet all you young gals and putting faces to blogs. Happy New Year Girlville and to your Hubby and fur babies.

Swampgirl's Mom. xxoo

Emily said...

This was a great year for you... you had many exciting things on the agenda!

Swampgirl said...

I never see an acorn without thinking about that giant one!