Monday, November 8, 2010

thanksgiving decorations

 our neighbor gave us the glass dome a couple of weeks fit perfectly on an antique glass cake stand i already had!

 we got the picture at this year's spcafurball auction...the cats aren't happy...the white pumpkin is sitting on vintage handkerchiefs that are fall colors

 dollar tree crows on the chandelier

 harvest bunting

a new bunting (it's for sale in my etsy shop)
a new sign i got at a craft sale this fall (and my current favorite thanksgiving decoration)

do you decorate for thanksgiving or am i the only nutcase out there?



Random Musings Of My Life said...

I love the white pumpkins!

Swampgirl said...

I just put away Halloween and took out a couple turkeys! This year is moving so fast.....we went yard sale-ing this weekend and bought another small Christmas tree- and I put it up. I guess this year I'm going straight from Halloween to Christmas!

Sandy said...

All the decorations look so pretty and festive. I love the white pumpkins and the acorns on the table. That little sign is so cute. I know you could make that! Your buntings are so cute. I'm glad you got your etsy back up and running.