Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kady speaks

listen very closely to hear her...she was shy about being on camera
kady talks* to us all the time
we just have no idea what she is saying!

*for reals, this cat has NEVER meowed...it's like she only knows how to squeak.


Pam said...

so cute! She does sound like a squeak toy. haha.
Jazzy never meows either. She just has a bit of a chirp. I think she sounds like a pigeon. She sure can scream though when Benji gets near her. gah.

Sandy said...

I wonder what she was thinking!

Emily said...

So cute! She did seem a bit camera shy though.

kristie said...

pam, you gotta get jazzy girl on video so i can hear her pigeon sounds!

Pam said...

I'll try to do that this weekend!