Tuesday, November 9, 2010

and, done!

remember that stool i was going to paint on my day off ages ago?

the husband helped me 'cover' the seat on saturday and it's now complete

ta da!

now, i must admit that it's so tiny no one's butt will fit on it...so it's mainly for looks...or maybe a cat can perch on it and watch me bake cookies or something...and that tea towel? it's my current favorite thing in my kitchen...i got it while we were up in chicago back in june at this store...i still have dreams about that store...

ps: it's going to be 71 degrees today...squeal!


Punchbugpug said...

It turned out so cute!!!! Tell Miss Sophie to use it! Haven't been outside since coming to work, but hear it is due to get in high 60's here also! cRazY!!!!

Sandy said...

That looks great. I hope you show a picture of Sophie sitting on it.

Swampgirl said...

That stool is made like the ice cream chairs on our front porch- yep- too small for the average fanny! The acorn thing is made of felt. I saw someone with a whole bowl of them- different sizes and fabrics. Sadly I only got one made...another unfinished project. I really like the embossed felt on the cap- found it at Hobby Lobby. Maybe I'll have a whole bowl of them next year!

Magnolia Sun said...

That is so cute. Your wall color is very similar to my room, don't you just love the blue I do.