Thursday, October 21, 2010

somethings afoot...

remember that dresser i refinished one weekend?
before photo

and that pile of junk behind the ice cream stool i painted on my day off that i asked you to ignore?
i really did paint it...but i didn't get the seat covered yet...

all of that stuff along with tons of other stuff:
 this is only a tiny cross sample of the stuff

is being loaded up and transported...and we unpack it all in the morning...


here's a hint:

update tomorrow...if we have internet...we'd better have internet...



Pam said...

I know, I know!!! ;)
It's going to be beautiful where you are going....I think the leaves should be at peak or nearly there this weekend.
Take some photos!!!

Emily said...

Hmm.. are you in the mountains... where you told me about the cabin???