Friday, October 1, 2010

sew and tell friday ~ boo, again

when not stomping in rain puddles this week i managed to sew up a couple of halloweenie items...

first up i made ashley another posh pillowcase for her hospital stays...this time i used festive halloween fabric...i also made one for her sister cause i imagine it's hard for her to understand why ashley is getting so much attention these days:

 imagine a pillow stuffed inside cause i was too lazy to put one in for the picture

 they both actually match (different fabric on each side)...i just folded them different for packaging purposes

i crocheted a picot edge using a thicker cotton yarn...and i don't like's just too thick...i'll stick with the finer bamboo yarn for future

then for myself i made another halloween apron...cause you canNOT have too many halloween aprons, can you? 

i used fabric from my extensive stash!

 and to make it a little more 'witchy' i added some black tulle at the waist

i combined a couple of patterns to make this one...but, i need opinions on the bottom edge...should i just do the black/white dot trim as an edging or should i use more black tulle???


have a great fall weekend!
be sure to stop by amy's sew and tell for more sewing inspiration (she made a really cute baby boy blanket this week with camo fabric!)



allyn said...

that apron is hilarious and adorable. the tule around the waist is genius. i think a narrow row of the polka dot with some more tule would be appropriate along the bottom.
very cute.

Pam said...

I like the idea of the b/w dot border at the bottom.

Very cute items! I've been thinking about Ashley and her family. I hope everything is going well.

The Hungry Crafter said...

I vote for tulle! It's kinda costume-y that way, which is perfect for halloween. But most of all, just wanted to say I love the pattern!

Miri said...

The tulle at the waist is terrific! What a hoot!

Karen said...

Great apron! Super idea adding the tulle.

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

LOVE the apron - so cute!

Seams Inspired said...

I think it's fabulous! Visiting from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

Sara said...

Black tulle! Awesome, I love it...what pattern did you use? I've been meaning to make an apron for myself.

Rene' said...

Love your Halloween finishes. How adorable is that apron with the black tulle?! Thanks for sharing!

amylouwho said...

yes, that apron is THE best!! SOOO Cute!