Monday, October 18, 2010

good idea gone bad

i have been commissioned to make 15 (fifteen!!!) of those pillowcases by october 30th by ashley's aunt...FIFTEEN...and to toss a wrench in it, we are going to be out of town for 4 days this weekend*...can you say crochet in the car?

so yesterday morning i trekked to joannfabrics to buy needed supplies to make the 15 pillowcases since they were having a big the way, joannfabrics does NOT open at 9am on sunday when you pull up in the parking lot and see that there is only 1 car and you think 'great! i'll be in and out of here in no time'...think again...cause the doors will be locked and you will have to drive all the way back home or sit in your car for an hour and wait for them to open - your choice...

but i digress...since i bought red yarn for some of the trim i though it would be wise to prewash the yarn in case the dye ran...after all i prewash all the surely prewashing yarn (2 skeins, mind you) tightly bound in a lingerie bag seemed like a good idea...brilliant even...until i opened the washer and lingerie bag and found:

note: this is only 1 skein...i'd already spent over an hour untangling the first skein from this imagine it double this size

note to self: do not ever, ever wash yarn in the washing machine again. ever.

*more on that later...are you curious???


Pam said...

doh!!! That is a frightening photo. Seriously, tangled yarn is one of my worse nightmares.

Emily said...

Oh no!!! What a mess that had to have been.

Random Musings Of My Life said...


Well I am glad you learned the lesson for us.

Want to know what I learned today?

Never let the cute bubbly girl with crossed eyes wax your eyebrows.. yes they are as bad as is sounds