Monday, July 26, 2010

what to do on the hottest weekend EVAH!*

  • put together a 1500 piece puzzle of santa drinking an ice cold coca-cola
  • go to walmart, trader joes and a thrift store( in that order)...while in the thrift store scoring awesome deals** be keenly aware that the groceries in your car are likely perishing in the intense heat
  • watch a dumb movie
  • read a great book
  • take naps
    • make homemade salsa, fish tacos and fresh margaritas for dinner
    • eat delicious pumpkin muffins***for breakfast every day...pretend it's fall already
    • make eggplant lasagna, do not follow a recipe AT ALL...take one bite, toss all of eggplant lasagna in trash can...proceed to have hummus and crackers for dinner instead
     (looks can be deceiving)
    •  avoid going outside all day on sunday
    • declare war on ants for the third time****
    what did YOU do over the weekend?

    *i'm so not exaggerating
    **pictures coming soon
    ***recipe coming soon
    ****gory details later


    Emily said...

    Sounds like a pretty fun weekend in my book! And your right... it is HOT!!!!!

    Magnolia Sun said...

    It was even too hot for me. Today I actually said I can't wait for fall to get here. If I can't be in the water give me inside!

    Sandy said...

    Sounds like a good way to pass the weekend!

    Punchbugpug said...

    We are having ant issue also!!!

    Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

    The lasagna does look yummy. Sorry you had to toss it. We tried to stay inside as much as possible too!

    D said...

    Oh, you will have to share if you come up with any great ideas to get rid of ants! We are having a terrible time with them outside this summer. They want to eat Lola's food more than she does. I think we have tried just about everything and nothing seems to help yet.

    C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

    You sure know how to spend a weekend! :) I am packing my bags to come stay with you. Haha!
    And I also watched that movie this past weekend!

    kristie said...

    clover - NO WAY, you watched that same movie??? wasn't it dumb, lol!

    D - when ants invade our cat food bowl, i sit the bowl in a shallow dish and fill the dish with water...apparently ants cannot swim and thus cannot get to the cat food bowl. try it!