Monday, July 19, 2010

i got nothing...

that in a nutshell describes what's going on here lately.
nothing interesting or exciting.
here's all i can muster:
  • i read the new tori spelling book last week. it was GREAT. but then again, i like tori spelling. well, i think she should eat something now and then, but other than that, i like her. 
  • it's hot here. WAY hot. TOO hot. and humid. last week was low to mid 90s. friday the heat index made it 106. this week is supposed to be upper 90s to 100s (before heat index). the heat makes me sluggish.
  • an 'incident' happened in our powder room that resulted in a 'hole' in the wall. we had no more red wall paint, i picked out a new color and the husband repainted it a couple weekends ago. the powder room is now canteloupe. i like it a lot. an 'incident' needs to happen in the den...just sayin'
  • i tried to make a pair of shorty pajamas for myself (see 2nd bullet above)...after having to cut out the bottoms 3. THREE. three times (measure twice, cut once clearly doesn't apply to me) i had no fabric to make a top...and i hated the bottoms...all my sewing lately is failure upon's like i'm jinxed. 
  • although i said once lost was over i was not going to replace it, i got hooked on bethenny getting married? she so snarky!
  • i also have started watching the fabulous beekman boys...does anyone else watch that?
  • BUT, mad men is by far my new favorite show...i watched the first three seasons in a marathon netflix 4 week frenzy...i will go out on a limb here and say that i think it's better than lost...yep, i said it...(i'm still bitter over that lame ending) sunday night's season 4 premier cannot get here fast enough.
have a nice week! and stay cool...


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Mad Men is the best show on tv right now. We watch it too!

D said...

I am watching Bethenny - it's my guilty pleasure this summer! Also want to read the Tori book. I read her first 2 books.

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm hooked on Bethenny too, I'm a reality show junkie. We are alsovery into Big Brother now. I've never heard of Mad Men, I need to check it out.

I know what you mean about the heat, it has been so hot here too. If I not at the beach inside is a must.