Thursday, July 29, 2010

the fabulous beekman soap

when lost ended i promised myself that i would not replace it with another in keeping true to my promise, i replaced it with 3 shows! mad men (the bestest drama on tv right now), bethenny getting married? and the fabulous beekman boys...

the beekman boys make me yearn for a farm...and goats...and a farm...did i mention super cute baby goats? josh and brent are trying to live off the land and grow all their own addition to living off the land they are also making soap and cheese from all the goat milk...

since we aren't moving to a farm any time soon i decided to order some fabulous beekman goat soap this week to maybe experience farm arrived super fast (2 days):
beekman goat soap!
and josh's book that i consumed in 48 hours or less

2 bars (i ordered original) come packaged in a nice muslin bag

it smells sort of like lavender and sort of like a sunny hayfield
i think josh designed the molds...if you look carefully there is a little goat at about 1 o'clock (see on the muslin bag also)

each bar is wrapped in natural tissue paper and tied with soap was made by josh!  i <3 josh and would marry him...if he liked girls...

i love the lathers up so nice and doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped of all moisture...i SO want to get the 'a year in the country set' next...i highly suggest the soap (and the show and the book)!

ps: i didn't get paid to say any of this...i bought the soap on my own and got the book at the library...however, if josh or brent wished to send me some soap i'd be over the moon


Pam said...

I'd never heard of this show. I'll have to catch an episode now. ;)

Page said...

i love bethenny getting married! i dont' have cable but i watch it online usually a couple of days after it comes out.

Emily said...

"If he liked women." That cracked me up!!!!

I've never heard of this, I don't think.