Monday, June 7, 2010

what i did over the weekend...

over the weekend i continued to clean the mess that is the craft's amazing what you find when you clean!

exhibit a
an entire set of bias tape makers that i ordered from ebay a bazillion months ago...the really sad part is that this is the second time i've 'found' them...they are now in a location where i'll be sure to notice them

exhibit b
i believe one of these creatures is a walking please tell me...again, i had no idea i had these...really have no idea where they came from...the super sad part: i came real close to ordering a walking foot about a month ago...and for all you non-sewers, they aren't real cheap...moral of this tale = it pays to be organized!

when i wasn't finding things buried away in piles of junk i spent a lot of time here:
in this little 'nest' i made on the bed in the craft room...until recently the entire bed was covered with it's a cozy reading nook

i picked up the newest emily giffin book from the library saturday at approximately 11:30am...i finished it sunday before dinner...i'm not sure how i feel about this book...has anyone else read it yet? 

tommorrow: a new piece of 'furniture' in the craft room



AM said...

Have I read that one yet?? I dont think so. I love her writing though. I need to return some VERY overdue stuff to the library so I can see if they have this book available to check out!

Magnolia Sun said...

I've been thinking about getting a day bed to put in my room I'm just not sure I would use it.