Wednesday, June 2, 2010

toss, toss, toss

i spent the long weekend clearing out my craft was a quote miss niecy: a hot mess...go here to see...i'll wait...

i didn't take any 'after' shots yet cause i'm not quite finished with the overhaul...but i did throw away a large bag of stuff...i cleared out three drawers in a dresser...and promptly restuffed them with all my fabric (which had been strewn all over the bed)...BUT i am going to be relocating the fabric to a new to me piece of furniture once the husband paints it...i have to decide on a color first...any suggestions???

while cleaning out the dresser i found this:
a box of leftover invitations from our wedding...which was almost 13 years ago...i recycled them...okay, i did keep's hard to completely kill my inner packrat!

now that the craft room is clearing out a bit i am finding it easier to actually make/do/sew/create things...i think the chi was all off in the room...every time i walked in i felt overwhelmed...i now have a sewing center and a painting center...and in the painting center i whipped out this order for a high school graduation gift:

my first attempt at 'zebra' was easy yet time consuming

i also did a fair amount of sewing...i'll show that later this week



Sandy said...

that graduation gift is GREAT! I did a little bit of a relocation of items this weekend in my craft area...but still not finished.

AM said...

Great job on the zebra print.

I cant wait to see final pictures. I just love seeing your craft room-no matter what the state of it is!