Wednesday, June 16, 2010

before, meet after*

as promised, here is the before:

(photo take by orthodontist at first visit)

2+ years in full braces
3 niteguard retainers
gum realignment (upper)
2 lower dental implants
3 retainers
1 tube of whitening gel
2 porcelain crowns (on the lower implants)

and you get:
(photo taken by me this morning) 
(and no, that's not how i smile...i was just trying to replicate the photo above without the benefit if those torture devices cheek expander things the ortho has)

was it worth it? i've not decided yet...

*alternate title(s): does llyod's of london insure teeth? OR we could have totally bought a new car for that!


Sandy said...

well, they look great!!! I'm sure it was EXPENSIVE!

calicodaisy said...

Beautiful! It is worth it, because health is often connected to your dental health and structure. Nice aligned teeth that are well cared for will keep decay away allowing you to eat easily, prevent heart disease from bacteria that can get in crooked, hard to clean places, and you'll look good so you will feel good.

AM said...


(and I hate writing in all-caps, so you KNOW I must mean it)

Seriously, looks GREAT.

Pam said...

they look great!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Looks great! How did they change your gums so much? Did it hurt like crazy? Was there a laser involved?

Carla said...

Wow that is a lot of work. You are a brave soul. But it was all worth it I'm sure :o)

mkonieczki said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are the proud owner of a GORGEOUS SMILE! I remember having gone through the ordeal of braces; though, I didn't have to endure as much torture as you have! I think it's TOTALLY worth it! A car would have depreciated in value over the past two years... your teeth, you get for the rest of your life! Who can place monetary value on that?

Emily said...

Total transfer! Looks so good!

P.S. Don't lie to us.. we know you smile like that.. hee hee... just kidding!

Swampgirl said...

They do look wonderful! You are very brave to go through all that! I know it is expensive but honestly, it is the all out fear of the dentist's office that is worse than the cost!!!