Wednesday, May 26, 2010

questions week ~ day two*

my iron has been on the fritz for as long as i can remember...the husband has taken it apart and patched it up twice now but i fear it's not long for this world...
this is not my iron

so my question today is: what kind of iron do you have?  do you like it or hate it? what kind of iron would you suggest? 

my number one 'need' is for it to have a great steam function...i'm all about steaming...i use my iron for ironing our clothes AND for ironing fabrics while sewing (pressing open seams, etc.)

thanks for your help!

*day three will follow later today so as to get back on track

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Justine said...

Well I have a steam generator iron, the ones with the big water tank that the iron sits on top of. I love it love it love it! Its cut my iron time by half and lasted longer than any other iron I've owned. Ever. Its good for sewing/quilting tasks too. what more could you ask for?! Justine xx

allsewnup said...

I've got a black & decker and it's time it met it's maker. It's temper-mental about steaming or peeing all over the place not to mention the mystery stain that it chose to put on the white sashing of a quilt that was a gift! ARG!!!
I'm not sure what it will be replaced with so I'm going to keep watching here to see what others are having success using.


Anonymous said...

I've had 2 Rowentas and really like them (the only reason I had to get a second is because I stupidly melted some gunk all over the first). Very durable, solid, and steams and presses great.

Emily said...

Iron? What's that!?!?

My iron is the dryer... ha ha! Seriously, you have time to iron?

Swampgirl said...

Rowenta- love it. It is heavy and I wish I had a model that turns itself off. I have had it 8 years- longer than any other iron! And it was used and abused by teenagers! Still works great!

The Eagars said...

I just purchased my first Rowenta about a month ago and I love it! Seriously, it has change the way I feel about ironing. it is amazing how a good iron makes it pretty quick and easy. I would strongly suggest a rowenta!