Wednesday, May 26, 2010

questions week ~ day three

yes, this IS my craft room
i have confessed many times before to being a packrat

my question for you is 'how do you stop being a packrat???"

any and all ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated

i think my biggest problem is i cannot throw anything away that i think may be useful at some point in the future...and by this i mean i will save 2" of ribbon or a sliver of fabric...


maybe i just need to join a 12-step program,


Random Musings Of My Life said...

I wish I could help!

I am the same way!! Hubby calls me a hoarder! lol

allsewnup said...

I wish I had an answer to this one too! The funny thing is I can usually find a use for alot of my stuff.

ps my Hubby is the same way ;o)

chalica pack said...

Well, one of my Korea friends suggested I get a matching bowtie for Jason to match one of those party ones. A father's day gift. I'm just have a lot of leftover fabric there....

In fact, she said if you'd sell a matching dad/son set in your shop, she'd buy it as a Father's Day gift too.

Lu said...

I'm no help either! I keep everything. And I find a way to use a lot of it in random ways, so my hoarding is validated and I keep on hoarding! :)

I've found that I use a lot of the little scraps of fabric and ribbon making cards. If you're in to that sort of thing.

Punchbugpug said... in a big house I tended to save it all...then when my mom passed away unexpectedly and I had the task of going through her stuff I made the decision NEVER to leave all that behind. I surely did not want my kids or anyone else saying "what the heck did she save that for?" I have become much better at not holding on to stuff. I donate whenever possible the stuff I KNOW I will never use. I found a friend who quilts and LOVES little tiny fabric scraps and I give them ALL to her. I am really quite proud of myself!

kristie said...

punchy, i think my problem is there is no place here to donate craft stuff...and i am forever kicking myself and saying 'gee, if i was punchy i could take it to the craft bits place'...and then i shove it someplace and it multiplies overnite.

Laura said...

Stop being a packrat? I didn't know that was an option (my heart is racing at the thought!)

However, in my quest to help YOU overcome this habit...I will send my contact you can send it to me and clear your space...self-sacrificing...yes I know but thought I'd try and help...(**ridiculous grin**)

Shall we start a support group?