Tuesday, May 25, 2010

questions week ~ day one, which is acutally day two*

i've got some questions for the audience this week!

1) we are going to chicago in a couple of weeks...yippee...i've never been there and know NOTHING about it...so i need help...

have you ever been to chicago? live(d) in chicago? know anything about chicago? 

please, tell me everything i need to know! we'll have 4.5 fun filled days to explore the city (3 of them by myself as the husband will be in a conference during the day)

thanks for any help,

*yesterday i was too lazy to post


D said...

I went to Chicago several years ago and it's a fun city. Here's what I liked best:

1.) Great shopping on the Magnificent Mile (they have every store you can imagine and more).

2.) A wonderful little fine arts museum is also on Michigan Ave.(that I can't remember the name of) but had beautiful reproductions if you like Impressionist paintings.

3.) The Drake hotel is beautiful.

4.) Go see Lake Michigan - great place for pictures.

5.) Eat some Chicago pizza for me!

Word of warning, they don't call it the "windy city" for nothing so pack accordingly! : )

Pam said...

LOVE Chicago! My mom and I went there on a small trip back on 2001.

D mentioned some great ideas. One of my favorite things was the Field Museum. They had a really awesome Egyptian exhibit at the time and I could have stayed there all day. Plus, the view from the steps of the skyline is really nice.
Another favorite was a boat cruise/tour up the River RIGHT THROUGH the heart of the city. You got to see all the magnificent buildings. Do this later in the evening so you can watch everything light up.
We also loved going to Navy Pier and strolling. I think in the summer they have fireworks every night and we'd go there and watch them from the pier while eating some fresh chocolate dipped ice cream bars. YUM!
We enjoyed one of the City bus/trolley tours too. I think it was only a couple hours and you got to see/hear about the city.
Of course, shopping! Chicago style hot dogs! OH...go up in the Hancock Bldg for a great view. Forget the Sears Tower or whatever they are calling it these days. Hancock is so much better. You get a better view of the Lake and Navy Pier.

Emily said...

We want to go.. Hubs is a huge Cubs fan! Sorry, but I can't tell you anything about it.... maybe go see Oprah! LOL!

mkonieczki said...

I currently live in Chicago! It is the windy city, but I assure you, summer has set in!!! Expect very humid and very HOT weather! If you're planning to spend your time downtown, you should definitely walk around on Michigan Ave and See Millenium Park, but there's better (read cheaper) shopping on State Street! Across the Street from Millenium Park is the Cultural Center, it's always free. They have rotating art exhibits and TONS of visitor information, so a good place to stop! North Avenue Beach is a nice place to catch a tan and see Lake Michigan-it's also near downtown. I HIGHLY reccomend getting out of downtown and seeing some of the neighborhoods! That's where you'll find the really amazing restaurants and boutique shops Chicago offers! I could go on endlessly.... feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions!

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

I've never been to Chicago, but this is what I have heard about it that makes me want to go there: (all food related, of course)
1) Giant Whole Foods
2) Chicago Bagel Authority
3) Sweet Mandy B's - dessert place
4) Trader Joe's - but you already have one!!

Hope you have a fun trip!!

Sandy said...

I went in 1998 in the summer and it was hot..but i'm used to that and you are, too! I was working most of the time, but did enjoy the shopping and restaurants. I'm going by memory here, but I think we went to Spago (I don't know if it's there now). We went to Uno Pizza (I think that's the name). And Rain Forest Cafe. I would recommend a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses or buildings. I didn't do that and wish that I had.

Magnolia Sun said...

I would love to go but haven't. I can't wait to hear about everything you do and see. We will be coming up to your area next month.

*kate said...

Oooh. Have fun in Chicago. I think all the people above mentioned good things. There are also some fun walking tours of historic neighborhoods (looking at and learning about houses always appeals to me). Also, be sure to ditch the car. Driving in Chicago is mostly just frustrating.

Sarah said...

You absolutely MUST go to Gino's East. It's VERY well known in Chicago. Tell Oprah I said hi! :)